About Us

The firm Elektroneon was established in 1968 as craft shop

Later it developed into a contemporary production company that in the scope of services for producing signs of firms completely follows the worldwide,modern technology and these days trends and uninterrupted till today performs this activity.

The confirmation of all this success are the references gained out of Macedonia for the requests of the big moguls in the area of textile,electronic and other industries.

The completed flashing ads decorate the halls of numerous European fairs where lot of firms exhibit their products.High quality raw materials from import origin are used in the signs and we also give longlasting warranty.We produce conceptual designs and we also finalize the final product till completion,we put the illumination and mounting on the spot.


  • Signs(flashing,neon,illuminated)
  • 3D letters (illuminated,nonilluminated)
  • Engraved information boards,articles on the door,keyrings
  • Desks(presentation counters) and banners
  • Printing stickers,labels,posters,billboards

  • Assembled banners(dismantling,montaged)
  • Sticking/Branding commercial vehicles
  • Security and safety signs and posts,fees boards
  • Selling and processing plates from Plexiglas,forex and alcubond


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